When will the Seminole City center open?

Construction for the Seminole City Center has already commenced with the demolition of the existing mall almost complete. . We anticipate the first phase of tenants opening in Q2 2016 with the final phase of tenants opening in Q1 2017.

Who will the tenants be in the new Center?

Seminole City Center will be a dynamic, high-end retail destination featuring best-in-class national soft goods retailers, an entertainment/experience component, as well as a necessity-based retail component. A few of the committed tenants are listed below:

SteinMart and Beall’s Department Store are excited to join the redevelopment efforts and build off their long-standing success in supporting and servicing the community. Both will be re-opening with their latest and greatest prototypes to better serve you!

The project will also prominently feature Earth Fare, a high-end boutique grocer whose mission is to connect communities and improve lives through food. The North Carolina based natural foods grocer adheres to a strict food philosophy (more details can be found at their website: www.earthfare.com). Found in 10 states and aggressively growing, the food standards, along with competitive and innovative merchandising, have made Earth Fare a serious competitor for Whole Foods Market, Sprouts and Trader Joe’s in the natural foods sector.

Additional highly sought after local, regional, and national names will continue to be released on a frequent basis. These names will feature a number of the users suggested or similar to those suggested by the residents of Seminole.

When will the developer announce the names of the tenants?

While the vast majority of the tenants are committed, finalizing the details and obligations of the various leases is an arduous and lengthy process. As leases are finalized, we will issue a press release announcing new tenants.

Who should I contact w/ a leasing question or recommendation?

Carol Smiddy with Primerica Group One

PH: 800-439-4946 | Email: CarolSmiddy@primericagroupone.com

Scott Goldsmith with NADG 

PH: 800-439-4946 | Email: sgoldsmith@nadg.com

Will any of the Seminole Mall tenants have stores in the Seminole City Center?

Yes, some of the mall tenants, including Stein Mart and Beall’s Department Store will open stores in the Seminole City Center.

Will the new site be environmentally clean?

Yes, we have entered into a Brownfield Site Rehabilitation Agreement (BSRA) with the Department of Environmental Protection which will facilitate the environmental cleanup from past activities on the property. The cleanup is ongoing and will add a substantial cost to the project.

What economic community impacts will come from the new Seminole City Center?

Redevelopment of this important property will not only result in a notable improvement in the quality of life for the residents, but will also be a significant economic driver for both the City of Seminole and Pinellas County.

  • Permanent Employment impacts are estimated to result in ~1,000 new jobs with total annual wages of ~$31,000,000
  • In addition to property tax revenues, revenue from Franchise fees, utility tax, business tax and miscellaneous revenues is estimated to significantly increase income to the City of Seminole
  • Property Tax Revenues to Pinellas county in addition to the general fund are expected to increase significantly

Will the project have a Plaza Area?

Yes, we have dedicated approximately 10,000 sf of “open space” for a plaza, as shown on the site plan. This plaza will contain seating areas, elegant landscaping and hardscape as well as provocative features for all patrons to enjoy.   In addition, the project will contain numerous outdoor patios that will connect to pedestrian walkways throughout the project.

What is the purpose of the trellis at the project?

The trellis walkway is designed to provide a shaded pedestrian walkway that connects retail box row on the north side of the shopping center directly to Village shopping and open air dining and then continues to the sidewalks in and around LA Fitness at the south side of the shopping center.  Pedestrians can stroll along the 8 foot path under the intermittent tree and trellis design or sit and relax on the benches placed along the walkway.

What is the landscaping plan for the project?

The landscape plan was designed by Foster Conant in consort with City of Seminole and includes buffer shrubs, oak trees and ground cover plantings surrounding the project. A nine foot decorative wall along 80th avenue provides a visual buffer between the residential property across the street and the back of retail row. In total, four hundred and seventy- two (472) new trees will be planted throughout the project. The main drive aisle design at the entrance off 113th details a  12 foot wide landscaped median,  lushly landscaped  with Royal Palm trees, Pineapple Quava trees, shrubs, and more.  Parking lots all contain canopy trees in landscaped planters equally spaced throughout.

Will there be a bus stop at the property?

Pinellas County Transit Authority has an existing bus station located on Johnson Blvd. just north of Park Boulevard.  The Transit Authority has indicated they would like to remain in this location for the foreseeable future.

Will there be a traffic signal at the main entrance on 113th street?

Pinellas County has agreed to locate a new traffic signal on 113th Street at the main entrance to the Seminole City Center.  The traffic signal is included in the off-site improvement designs that detail the addition of a northbound right turn  lane into the project, southbound left turn into the project at the main entrance and intersection improvements to Park Boulevard and 113th Street.

Who is the artist that has been engaged to design the focal point at the corner of Park and 113th?

Catherine Woods, owner of C Glass Studio, is a nationally acclaimed artist.  Her large-scale public art works have been featured in “Sculpture Review” and “Public Art Review” magazines.

What is the architectural theme for the project? How was it conceived and how did it evolve?

Our primary design theme can be described as Spanish Revival with a contemporary flare. The theme evolved over time working with our acclaimed architects from Cuhaci Peterson and the City of Seminole Staff.

Can you explain, generally, the underground vault system?

A portion of the project site drains to both 113th Street and Park Boulevard, both of which are under the jurisdiction of Pinellas County.  The County requires both treatment and attenuation of storm water prior to discharge into the County system.  The County normally requires an on-site pond to be 50% open to sunlight.  Due to the intensity of the development and cost of land, a variance was obtained to provide storm water under the shopping center parking lots.  There are two underground vault systems – one under the parking lot in front of retail Box row that includes 1,700 individual chambers that capture and treat surface water run-off prior to discharge and a second vault system containing 1,100 chambers just south of Village Retail.

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